August 21, 2017

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For a World of Women

Beyond the Horizon
January 15, 2017 0
Prima facie, I am against any labels.  Caste, race, gender, color, country.  This puts us in odds with what this article is about. Why should we consider ‘women’ special?   Because they did not have [...]
Beyond the Horizon

Enterprise Architecture – Changing Dynamics

November 21, 2016 0
As the year 2016 draws to a close, it is time to reflect the quick and changing dynamics of the software application landscape. The following factors affect the software application landscape. Emergence of startups, hence [...]
Beyond the Horizon

Where is my Silicon Valley?

November 6, 2016 0
People in various countries admire Silicon Valley as the beacon of ‘free market’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Startups’.  The Valley is where the ideas flower, the world changes.  With the underlying propulsion of technology, problems of the [...]
Beyond the Horizon

Vine Shutdown by Twitter: What went wrong?

October 28, 2016 0
Vine, the 6 minute video sharing site, acquired by Twitter in 2013, is now closing down.  Many had assumed that Vine was to be here forever.  We all thought that it was Twitter who had [...]