Information Technology To Artificial Intelligence : Evolution of Intelligent Technology

Intelligent technology is the culmination of information technology with Artificial Intelligence.

Its time to search for your Chief Intelligent Technology Officer. Information Technology is now dead. Without intelligence, information is of no use. We are clearly looking at the next evolution phase in Information Technology, as 2016 comes to an end.

The technologies which have been every CIO’s bucket list have now become part of your business’ daily chore. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data and Analytics- all have been adding up and complementing each other, that the very lines that made for specialization are now blurred. A CIO who does not see the interdependence, interconnects and the interoperability of these technologies, well is living in the past. The evolution of Information Technology is clearly moved to the next phase. We call this ‘Intelligent Technology’.

Cognitive Programs have been there for almost a decade. The applications of machine learning in various fields have taken an impetus with the industrial needs clearly paving way for an ‘innovation with purpose’. Medical Imaging, Radiology, Oncology , Cognitive Customer Relationship Programs using Customer behavioral data, traffic management through random behaviour, crowd control through study of the ‘theory of chaos’, and applying them into programs are some of the areas of technological impact.

From static codes to ‘learning’ codes, the software engineering fundamentals are changing from not only in terms of ‘semantics’ but also in terms of ‘verbs’. ‘Learn and act’ applications are already making way into areas like Retail, Telecom, Healthcare and Manufacturing. Remote monitoring of patients, network monitoring systems, Industry 4.0 applications, Robotics – all are clear examples of cognitive programming.

With mobile devices and wearables pushing their way into the human ‘paraphernalia’, it is only clear that both at an individual level ( if your company is focusing on ‘consumer technology’), and at an enterprise level ( if you are running IT for your company), this intelligent programs will creep their way into learning, understanding, analysing and finally, acting to influence human or employee behavior.

This year marked the first level of cohesive conversations about the fusion of Artificial Intelligence into the traditional Information Technology. This fusion is what we call as ‘Intelligent Technology’. The power of ‘intelligent technology’ will influence the next level of evolution of humans, enterprises and societies to a large extent. Facebook’s influence of political decisions through its algorithms is a clear, but understated example of this impact on humans and a country.

This brings us to the final point – as a business, what is in it for you? By first principles of evolution, you need to look at your IT organization again. IT should adapt from information technology to intelligent technology. And so should your Chief Information Officer to Chief ‘Intelligent Technology’ Officer.

-Ashok Subramanian

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