Stars of Startups meets Stars and Stripes

Everybody starts up. And everybody has a story. That is one part. And everybody gets lost in the littany of information. Our ability to be original, and look, once in a while, from outside the bubble makes us look at our ‘story’ and ‘starting up’ differently. The magic of ‘perspective’ is what balances the ‘inner circle’ vs the ‘outlaw’.

We are working our way to tell this story in India – we are still small there. And we are now part of an impact organization, and with lot more stories and perspective to share.

Whilst we are doing our work in India, we are now on our way to the United States. The world’s largest and oldest democracies have a lot happening, within and together. And the startup elements are part of this wonderful litter of people and perspectives.

We would be part of the wonderful opportunity and love to make our ‘dent’ in the universe we have plunged into. To participate in this journey, please connect with us on Stars of Startups – India Edition.

-Ashok Subramanian

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